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- Paloma B.

“As soon as I made changes to my LinkedIn profile, I started to get recruiters contacting me.”

- Megan R.

“Within just over a month, I was in active interviews with three companies. Today, I signed an offer letter for $22K more than my previous position.”

- David M.

“I feel like this program definitely took me from being a job taker to having control over my career and getting what I want”.

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The Job Search Plan

Get the "job search blueprint" and learn the highly effective G.L.O.W. Method with career influencer J.T. O'Donnell.

The Resume Plan

Learn how to build a customized, strategic resume that gets past the ATS and gets noticed by recruiters.

The LinkedIn Plan

Learn how to properly optimize and build your LinkedIn profile so it attracts a recruiter's attention.

The Cover Letter Plan

Learn how to stand out to employers and "catch them at hello" with your new disruptive cover letter.

The Interview Prep Plan

Go into your next interview feeling confident and in control by preparing for it the RIGHT way.

Master Salary Negotiations

Learn the proper tips and techniques to use in order to get the paycheck that you want and deserve.

The Ultimate Guide To Personal Branding

Brand or be branded! Learn how to properly craft a personal brand that helps you land opportunities.

How To Make Recruiters Come To You

Learn a smart strategy to attract and build meaningful relationships with people who can get you hired.

Mastering Networking

Learn how to overcome your fears of in-person and online networking to help you grow and strengthen your network.

Fired To Hired

Invest in yourself and your future so you can get back to work, move on, and find the career success and satisfaction you want and deserve.

How To Improve Your Communication Skills

Learn how to properly utilize your communication style and skills to help you improve your career, life, and more!

The Professional Strengths Assessment

Learn how to properly pinpoint your strengths, weaknesses, wants, and needs.

The First 90 Days On The Job (& Beyond!)

Learn exactly what you need to do to hit the ground running in your new job and fast-track your way to a promotion!

How To Get Hired By An Incredible Company

Learn how to shift your perspective and update your approach to job search so you get noticed & hired!

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What Work It DAILY members are saying:

Gretta C.

“I really appreciate the service your company provides. Anyone that needs a job needs your service. No excuses! “

Gretta C.

Vilich S.

“I got an offer on Monday. Then I got another offer earlier today. Excited! I also wanted to admit that I started getting ‘high’ from the entire job search process. It feels great!”

Vilich S.

Mary B.

“It gives hope to struggle out and the fact that I am not alone.”

Mary B.

John T.

“I have had several phone interviews and one in-person interview. I've also had more recruiters reach out to me for full-time jobs after I made those changes. Your site is worth every penny I've spent out it.”

John T.

Nick O.

“It gave me energy to keep going on my search and it kind of gave me some hope for my future career.”

Nick O.

Why invest in our platform?

Hi, I'm J.T., the founder & CEO of Work It DAILY.

I've spent the last 20+ years focused on being an advocate for YOU, the worker. I'm a former staffing and recruiting executive who built Work It DAILY to give people an affordable and easy way to get the BEST career coaching available.

I am excited for you to work with our team! I've hand-picked each individual at Work It DAILY to ensure members get the highest level of career support possible!

It's time to transform your career journey. Go get 'em!

Give Me Coaching

As a well-known career expert, J.T. O'Donnell is a "Top Voice" on LinkedIn with over 2.6M followers, and another 1.1M on TikTok. Her work has been cited by numerous news outlets including:

Stop guessing. Start winning!

Our jobs affect so many areas of our lives.

It's no wonder that 80% of people aren't happy in their current careers.

Why does this happen to us?

Sadly, school doesn't teach us how to choose a career and land jobs that meet our unique needs. The result is career choices (a/k/a mis-steps!) that leave us feeling frustrated or lacking.

The solution? Courses + Coaching + Community

With the right online resources and support, you can gain the insights and remove the roadblocks to your career success.

Let us do the same for you!

At Work It DAILY, we have already helped over 9,000 people in 2023 reach their career goals.

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