10 Common Resume Mistakes You Need to Avoid

10 Common Resume Mistakes You Need to Avoid
For anyone who is currently adrift in a sea of job applications, trying to read employers’ minds about what they want out of a résumé and cover letter can be like trying to peer into a muddy crystal ball. The truth is, there is no ‘right’ way to write a résumé. You know the drill…you tinker with the résumé after getting some advice from someone, and then send it off. Then someone else tells you that it is better off the first way that you had it. What ensues is a vicious circle of lather, rinse and repeat. Is it any wonder why job seekers are so darned confused on how to present their career credentials??? Unless résumé requirements and formatting are standardized, what remains ends up being a calculated guessing game. What does the employer REALLY want out of a résumé? There are 10 major pitfalls to avoid when writing this document, and all too often, job seekers unwittingly fall into either old habits or read up on poor advice and take it as gospel. The real trick to effectively maneuvering around hidden requirements and agendas of hiring managers is to understand what the hot buttons are within this document. Career management evangelist and professional résumé writer Dawn Rasmussen will provide insights into what is really going on in employers’ minds when they read a résumé, and provide tactical suggestions on how to navigate around them to build the case as to why an employer should hire you. Knowing how a company might read or interpret your most important career asset can make the difference as to whether you make it to the next level of the screening process. Sorry, this event already happened! Click here » to watch the recording of this webinar.Photo credit: Shutterstock
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