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A great study came out today by LinkedIn. In it, they announced the 10 most overused words in LinkedIn profiles. What I love about this report is it showcases a glaring mistake most professionals make when creating their online profile – they use subjective text to describe themselves and it’s a real turn-off to hiring managers. Here’s why... Without proof, these words don’t work... Most people use LinkedIn’s most overused 10 words to describe themselves, but fail to back it up with facts. Which means, you look like you are bragging, and don’t even prove you are really as good as you say. Do you really want to come off like that? To sum it up, when you state you are a:

Results-oriented, motivated and dynamic team player with a proven track record in fast-paced environments that also has extensive experience as an innovative entrepreneurial problem solver…”

You are basically proving you are average – just like everybody else. Today’s the day to overhaul that LinkedIn profile! Here's a webinar we did recently that will help: Don't Make These 5 Obvious Errors on LinkedIn Click here » to read the full article | Click here » if you’re a career expert Photo credit: Shutterstock
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I have seen business roles defined in ways that confuse many individuals because of the close connections to other positions. These may be the same roles that you have questioned during your professional career.

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I am reminded how grateful I am, not only for the people around me but that I have the opportunity to run my own business. One of the benefits of running a small business is that it gives me the ability to donate to causes that matter to me, and find ways to help build community, and show others the benefits of charitable giving.

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