11 Most Common Job Search Questions Answered

By J.T. O'Donnell People are often surprised (and even a little put off) when I tell them that Americans are under-educated when it comes to job search and career development. It's true! Here's why... Learning to choose a career path is not something we are taught in school. Yet, with the average worker having as many as 9 careers in their lifetime and roughly 3 jobs in each one, the stats prove that we should be taught how to deal with the inevitable twists and turns our professional lives will take. That said, there are 11 common themes to questions I receive as a career strategist. I was recently asked to discuss all of those questions in a radio session for the talkshow, This Week In America with Ric Bratton. Ric was kind enough to send me the audio file. In it, I answer:

What is holding me back from finding a new job?

How do I cope with rejection/being let go?

I left my last job angry/on bad terms, how do I fix it?

What am I doing wrong in my job search?

Who do I deal with personality issues in the workplace that affecting my job?

How do I differentiate myself in the workplace/job market?

Where should I start a job search?

What's the best way to design my resume?

How do I write cover letters that get results?

What's the best way to provide/manage my references?

Are these of interest to you? If so, then CLICK HERE to listen to the answers...