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1,300 New Followers + 10 More Experts = #1 Career Advice Tool on Twitter (Well...We Think So!)

Number 1 Image | CAREEREALISM.comWow! I'm going to be honest. I knew we could do some great things for job seekers in need of career management advice with the Twitter Advice Project (T.A.P. into CAREEREALISM), but last week's launch far exceeded even my expectations.

The response to the program has been nothing short of AMAZING!

For those of you who aren't familiar with it, here's the deal:

  • We've got top career experts tweeting career management advice to questions sent in by readers of the CAREEREALISM Twitter feed.
  • We post 3 questions each day (morning, lunchtime, end of day), Monday-Friday.
  • Each questions gets a tag (assigned a number) that enables followers to easily search on twitter to look at all the answers provided by the career experts for a particular question.
  • All the questions are listed over at CAREEREALISM.com with instructions on how to access the answers so that newcomers can easily go back and access past advice.
The best news is that some wonderful new career experts who have joined our team! Here they are: @tmonhollon - PR specialist working in the staffing industry - also the founder of a Career 100 top blog. @debrawheatman - Passionate career strategist and regular contributor to some major online career resources. @dawnbugni - Resume specialist and guest blogger whose resume tips helped 1,000's on our site. @AskaManager - Nationally syndicated career expert for US News & World Report, HR Specialist, and author of the very popular Ask A Manager blog. @juliaerickson - Career coach that specializes in career transformations. @haroldmellor - Recruiter for Boston Globe Media and veteran of the staffing industry. @resumesrevealed - 15+ years of positioning job seekers for success with resumes & job search strategies. @jobhuntorg - Editor of Job-Hunt.org with 18+years helping job seekers with online job search. @kgrantcareers - Career specialist for adult learners at Kaplan University @louise_fletcher - Resume writer, blogger, author & co-founder of Career Hub. @valueintowords - Master resume writer & career strategist helping job seekers with career transitions. @teenarose - Executive resume writer and job-search strategist with 10 years of experience. @AndyInNaples - Co-host of the Career Success Radio Show and has over 15 years of experience as an executive and career success coach. AND, please give special thanks to the original members of the T.A.P. expert team who have been helping from the beginning! @heatherhuhman - Journalist/career expert to students and young professionals via daily advice column. @glhoffman - Author of the extremely successful career blog that runs in the U.S. News & World Report. @sweetcareers - Campus career counselor with years of experience and a killer resource blog. @Keppie_Careers - Professional career coach and columnist with years of experience in corporate America. @beneubanks - Career journalist and new HR professional who adds a valuable ‘recent grad’ perspective @IPlawMan - Intellectual Property Lawyer. It's always good to have a lawyer’s perspective for those touchy subjects. @gradversity - Student recruitment expert and founder of a blog to help first-time job seekers. @jtodonnell - As the founder of CAREEREALISM.com, I’d like to throw my 2 cents in too! So, the question is....What are you waiting for? February 10, 2011: The Twitter Advice Project is no longer an active resource on CAREEREALISM.com. We now promote other career management services using the @CAREEREALISM Twitter feed and they can be found here.