3 Lies that Hurt Our Careers
By CAREEREALISM Founder, J.T. O'Donnell It took me 15 years to figure out I had been lying to myself about my career. I still remember realizing the 3 lies I had been telling myself were the cause of my professional dissatisfaction and personal failure. At first, I was angry. I wanted to be able to blame somebody for allowing me to lie to myself for so long. Then, I got sad, because I realized the only person I could blame was me. Finally, I got scared and experienced a crisis of confidence. The upside to all this was it pushed me to stop lying and led me to experience the most professional success and satisfaction I have ever known. Want to hear the whole story? Join me for my FREE webinar called, "3 Lies We Tell Ourselves that Hurt Our Careers." In it, I'll share how the lies we tell ourselves actually drive us to make career-limiting mistakes. Lying cost me a happy life. Come learn from mistakes...I hope to see you there! Sorry, this event already happened! Please go to our webinar page to review our upcoming FREE webinars. You can also receive access to our archives where the recording of this webinar is hosted. | | Photo credit: Shutterstock
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Happy coworkers at work

Let’s make things clear: It's impossible for everyone in the workplace to be your close friend. It's possible, however, to grow positive working relationships with them.

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