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4-Step Process for Nailing Interviews

I once interviewed a candidate. To protect her identity, let’s call her Mary. This was one of the most memorable interviews I’ve ever participated in. As you can probably guess, it wasn’t because she did a great job… Well-Intentioned Doesn’t Get You the Job Mary was what most of us would label as ‘well-intentioned.’ You could tell she sincerely was trying to do a good job in the interview. Unfortunately, she failed miserably at proving she was A) professional, B) able to integrate into the company culture, C) capable of doing the job, and most importantly, D) a great deal for the money. Getting the Interview (Any Interview!) is Tough - Don’t Blow it With Weak Interview Prep! Mary could have done a much better job at preparing for the interview. She literally ruined her chances of getting a job with our company within the first 10 minutes of the interview. She was ushered out the door 30 minutes later with a ‘Don’t call us, we’ll call you,” sort of good-bye. She had wasted her time and ours. It was a shame. Come Learn How to Nail the Interview…EVERY Time! I’m hosting a FREE webinar called the, “4-Step Process to Nailing Interviews.” In it, I’ll tell the full story of Mary and how you can make sure you don’t follow in her footsteps on your next interview. Whether you are fresh out of school, or a seasoned worker, I encourage you to listen to this webinar for two reasons: 1. Because EVERY job is temporary, a.k.a. you never know when you’ll need to interview. 2. Times have changed and interview protocol has changed with it. Sorry, this event already happened! Please go to our webinar page to review our upcoming FREE webinars. You can also receive access to our archives where the recording of this webinar is hosted. | | Photo credit: Shutterstock