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Everyone’s heard the phrase, “93% of communication is non-verbal.” Which implies our body language, facial expressions, eye contact, voice tone/pace, hand gestures, etc. make up the majority of how we convey what we are thinking and feeling to someone else. I happen to agree with this, HOWEVER…

That doesn’t mean we should pay less attention to what we say. The words we use in our interviews do impact how successful we are.

With that in mind, I invite you to join me this Wednesday for a session where I will tell you the 5 phrases every interviewer needs to hear. In it, I will explain:

  • There are ‘buy’ signals every hiring manager articulates and how you respond to those signals impacts your chances of getting hired.
  • There are 3 key areas of your candidacy the interviewer is assessing and only certain answers will keep you in the running.

Sorry, this event already happened! Click here » to watch the recording of this webinar.

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