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Adam Owens

Recruiter Info

Name: Adam Owens Title: Talent Acquisition Specialist Email: adam.owens@apexcapitalcorp.com LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/owensadam Phone: 817-665-2540

Company Info

Company: Apex Capital Corp Location: 6000 Western Place Suite #1000, Fort Worth, TX 76107 Website: www.apexcapitalcorp.com/ Careers Page: www.apexcapitalcorp.com/careers/ LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/apex-capital-corp Twitter: @ApexCap Facebook: www.facebook.com/apexyourfreightbills

For Job Candidates

Preferred Method To Be Contacted By A Candidate: Email Preferred Process For Following Up On Application: If you've applied to a position at Apex and would like to follow up, feel free to call or email. Odds are one of our hiring managers will have already reviewed your app, but I'm always happy to make sure everything came across as intended. Things That Impress You In A Candidate: 1.) Passion 2.) Integrity 3.) Energy 4.) Cooperation 5.) Effect 5.) Savvy Things Candidates Must Include To Be Considered For Job: Please include your resume or CV. Can Candidates Apply For Multiple Positions And Not Get Penalized?: Yes

Recruiter's Perspective

What's your favorite quote? "I think, therefore I am." -René Descartes What do you like to do in your free time? Spend time with my family and friends, brew craft beers, woodwork, and explore nature. In a sentence, why do you enjoy working at your company? Apex empowers individuality and works hard to take care of their employees. In a sentence, how does your company have fun on a regular basis? We have parties. In a sentence, how would you describe the employees at your company? Apexers are simply the best.
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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I am reminded how grateful I am, not only for the people around me but that I have the opportunity to run my own business. One of the benefits of running a small business is that it gives me the ability to donate to causes that matter to me, and find ways to help build community, and show others the benefits of charitable giving.

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When you hate your job, there's usually one main reason why. I've been a career coach for 20 years and I can tell you that every time I work with someone, the reason is the same.

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$37 billion is wasted in ads that fail to engage target audiences every year. Do you want to continue wasting money attracting consumers who aren't interested in your products?

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