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People Covering Face with Question MarkWant to know how career savvy you are? We get a lot of requests (on average five/day) for our staff to look at someone's cover letter, resume, online profile, etc. for FREE. While we want to help as many people as we can, we just don't have the ability to offer up individualized advice to everyone. We do offer some incredibly affordable resources in the form of a book and a private career advice network, but it occurred to me that given the increase in requests, it was time we offer a new, FREE tool for those who want to know just how they rate in the working world. Welcome to "Am I Money?" STEP 1: Sign-up below to get the password needed to access the test. FYI - In case you are wondering... we don't SPAM or sell your e-mail, but we do plan on sending you our weekly career newsletter. You can unsubscribe to it at any time to take yourself off the list.
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STEP 2: Use the password to take the test here and see if you are MONEY!