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Teena Rose

Teena RoseName: Teena Rose Twitter: @teenarose LinkedIn: /in/teenarose Personal Website/Blog: Resume to Referral - Writing Services Resume to Referral - Career Blog Bio: Teena Rose is a personable, professional, and yes, crafty 10-year career writer -- not your run-of-the-mill resume writer, in fact. She’s noted as a resume 2.0 strategist, understanding that today’s job-search is increasingly dominated by the next generation of job-search tools. What's your favorite career related quote? “A quality job-search approach will out-produce one of quantity.” (My Continuous Quote/Advice to Clients) What's your favorite part about being a CAREEREALISM-Approved Career Expert? One could say involvement with this program is the cake, and mixing with some of the industry’s top minds, such as Louise Fletcher, Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter and J.T. O’Donnell, is the icing. I’m honored to be invited and welcomed. Articles written by this expert: (4 Ways) Take Your Resume from Good to GREAT 6 Strategies for Surviving in a Job You HATE Women: The Interview Double-Standard 4 De-stressing Tips for Your Job Search He Says, 'I Bet it Was Easier Replacing Paula Abdul!' Don’t Take Drug Test if You Know You’ll Fail Tiger Woods: The Price of Fame — and a Bleeding Brand Your Professionally Written Resume is Tax Deductible How Social Media is Muddying the Waters for Job Seekers 5 Tips for a Safe Online Job Search The Art of Biting One’s Tongue (Interview Strategies) Say Cheese! Cover Letters Present a Candid Snapshot of You to Potential Employers What a Cover Letter Hook Might Encompass What to Avoid When Designing and Writing a Cover Letter How to Get Beyond the Gatekeepers While Job Hunting 5 Reasons Job Seekers Should Use Twitter 5 Reasons Why Recruiters Are Using Twitter for Recruitment 5 Tips to Ensuring Your Resume Produces Top Results
Name: Yun Siang Long Personal Website/Blog: Bio: Long Yun Siang, or Long as he is popularly known, spent 16 years in three multinational ad agencies where he also trained people in the areas of career management. He has trained people in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Taiwan. What's your favorite career related quote? “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan "press on" has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.” (Calvin Coolidge) What’s your favorite part about being a CAREEREALISM-Approved Career Expert? Being able to share my knowledge and experience so others may benefit. Articles written by this expert: Top 5 Habits to Achieve Entry Level Career Success How to Stay Motivated at Work 9 Obvious Ways to Get Promoted 5 Attitudes in the Workplace to Get You Ahead How to Stay Focused at Work 8 Ways to Deal with the Monday Blues 11 Great Employee Qualities: Do You Have Them? 8 Straightforward Tips for Moving Up the Corporate Ladder Dread Going to Work? How to Deal with the Feeling How to Prevent Procrastination Learn from Failure: How it Increases Your Chances of Succeeding 5 Simple Career Success Factors Achieve More: How to Get More Done in a Work Day Career Success Tip: The Zen Way Career Promotion Advice: How to Shine and Gain a Promotion You Want Take Small Steps: It’s Your Way to a Better Future Be Clear: Powering Through the Land of Soulless Work Be Productive: Start Your Day Early 5 Effective Work Habits for Fresh Graduates How to Be Happy and Stay Happy 6 Characteristics That Show Your Boss is Stupid How to Avoid Laziness at Work Improve Your Productivity: Attack Your ‘Hate To Do’ List ‘Should I Quit My Job?’ – 11 Critical Questions to Ask Yourself 7 Steps to Anger Management I Hate My Work, Should I Change Jobs? 7 Tips to Becoming a Leader at Work Top Reasons for Stress in the Workplace Career Advice for the Unemployed: Stress Less Career Success Formula: 9 Things Good Workers Believe How to Ask for a Raise Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Starting a New Job Valuable Career Advice for Any Professional 8 Things Graduates Should Know Before Joining the Workforce Balancing Your Work Life: What’s Your Ratio? 3 Easy Ways to Transition from College to Career Doing Things You Hate at Work: 5 Ways to Get Inspired Live Your Passion, Even When Things Get Tough How to Keep Your Job During a Recession Do You Have a Good Attitude at Work? 4 Steps to Break Your Job Hopping Habit 5 Steps for a Better Career 4 Wise Words to Keep You Motivated at Work 4 Steps to Feel Relaxed Before Work 5 Ways to Make More Time at the Office 7 Things to Keep in Mind While You Pursue Your Dreams 5 Ways To Have A Great Day At Work 6 Ways To Be Happy At Work
Andy RobinsonName: Andy Robinson Twitter: @AndyInNaples LinkedIn: /in/andyrobinsonprofile Personal Website/Blog: Bio: Andy has over 15 years experience as an executive coach, career success coach and personal branding strategist. He has a total of 25 years business and leadership experience across a variety of industries, serving scores of companies of all sizes (Fortune 100 to small, locally owned businesses) as a management consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers (10 years), a professional advisor, and an outside executive coach. Andy is also an author, speaker, professional trainer and co-host of the Career Success Radio Show on Exceptional Wisdom Radio. To add to his respected list of credibility, he is a licensed member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). He loves what he does for a living! What's your favorite career related quote? "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life." (Confucius) What's your favorite part about being a CAREEREALISM-Approved Career Expert? I enjoy being a member of an exceptional team of career experts. I love sharing ideas and working together to help others love what they do for a living and achieve lasting career success. Articles written by this expert: Opportunity Flags Are Flying…Can You See Them? The Rule of Three (a.k.a. How to Be Unforgettable to Employers) Listen Up! (10 Ways to Use Your Ears to Advance Career) Conversation KILLERS (How to Ruin a Networking Opportunity) 4 Reasons to Consider the Source of Criticism 14 Things that Impact the Quality of Your Personal Brand 10 Habits to Energize Your Day! Try These When the Pressure is On 12 Ways to Shorten Your Unemployment by 90 Days 9 Resolution Ideas for Your Career in 2010 The Art and Skill of Saying 'No' Effectively The Importance of 'Staying in the Loop' at Work LinkedIn – 10 Tips for Effectively Using Your Status Update How to Effectively Use LinkedIn’s Group Feature to Grow Your Network 10 Tips for Adding Value by Showing Initiative Recovery Kit: 10 Tips for Small Business Owners 3 Great Habits for Ending Your Week on a Positive Note! 3 Powerful Listening Habits that EXPRESS to Others You Are Listening Attentively The Power and Magic of Keeping Your Promises and Commitments The 8 Myths of Delegation An Action Tip for Dealing with Procrastination How Well Are You 'Branded' Amongst Your Contact Network? When 'Being Nosy' Can Be a Powerful Technique How to Spend the First and Last 10 Minutes of the Day The Power of Nice – Kindness as a Leadership Trait Involve Others in Your Decision Making Make the Most of Mistakes By Asking These Two Questions Are You Fully Leveraging the Value of What You’re Known For? Who’s Your Most Important Customer or Client? 25 Life-Changing Benefits of Daily Exercise ‘Sandwich’ Your Networking Call Help a Colleague ‘Relive’ an Accomplishment How to Make it Easy to Adopt a New Habit How to Start Your Work Week Off Right Why Feedback Will Help Your Professional Development Be a Leader at Work By Helping Others Managers: Get Things Done More Efficiently Why You Should Create a Weekly Planning Process Mid-Year Review: 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Today How to Change Old Habits and Adopt New Ones 4 Steps to Success: Why You Should Use the Copycat Principle Act Like a Business Owner to Advance Your Career
Name: Bud Bilanich Twitter: @BudBilanich LinkedIn: /in/BudBilanich Personal Website/Blog: Bio: Bud Bilanich, The Common Sense Coach, will help you create the life and career success you want and deserve. He is Harvard educated but has a down-to-earth approach to his coaching that comes from his roots in the steel country of Western Pennsylvania. What's your favorite career related quote? “Creating a successful career is simple common sense. It’s not hard, but you need to do it right. Clarify the purpose and direction for your life and career. Commit to taking personal responsibility for your career success. Build unshakable self confidence. Get competent in four areas: creating positive personal impact, outstanding performance, dynamic communication and relationship building.” (Bud Bilanich, The Common Sense Coach) What’s your favorite part about being a CAREEREALISM-Approved Career Expert? CAREEREALISM gives me the opportunity to spread my common sense message about life and career success and to help people create the success they want and deserve. I’m proud to be an approved CAREEREALISM expert. Interview with Founder, J.T. O'Donnell: Articles written by this expert: 4 C’s to Career Success Define Exactly What Life and Career Success Means to You Develop a Clear Mental Image of Yourself as Successful Think of Your Purpose as Your Personal Career Mission The Mightier Your Purpose, the More Likely You Are to Succeed Your Vision Should Be a BHAG: Big Hairy Audacious Goal Make Sure Your Mission and Vision Are What YOU Want Work You Love Will Make Career Success Easier Focus on How You Can Be Useful in this World Happiness Comes from Finding a Purpose & Pursuing It Good Luck is Another Name for Tenacity of Purpose Create a Vivid Mental Image of Yourself as Successful What’s Your Career Success Dream? You Must Do the Work to Achieve Your Goals Don’t Visualize the Pain of Failure, Visualize the Euphoria of Success What the Mind Can Conceive and Believe it Can Achieve Use Affirmations to Realize Your Vision of Success Clarify Your Personal Career Values Stand for Something or You’ll Fall for Anything Your Personal Values Are Your Career Success Foundation Discover Your Values to Locate Career Success Take Responsibility for Your Career Success Dispelling the Biggest Myth About Career Success Set and Achieve S.M.A.R.T. Goals Know What You Want & Where You’re Going Focus on Your Goals Several Times a Day Remind Yourself Why You Set Goals Keep Your Career Success Goals with You at All Times Are Your Career and Life Goals Congruent? You’re More Likely to Achieve Goals You Write Down Do Whatever it Takes to Achieve Your Career Goals Career Success is a Journey, Not a Destination Plan How You’ll Achieve Your Career Goals Negative Stuff Will Find You During Career Success Career Success: ‘If it’s to Be, it’s Up to Me’ Persistent People Find Career Success Faster You Fail Only if You Don’t Learn Something Use Negativity as a Springboard to Career Success Don’t Give Up on Your Quest for Career Success Want Career Success? Change Your Attitude The 7 Keys to Career Success How to Build Your Career Success Build Your Confidence, Boost Your Career Why Being an Optimist Will Get You Ahead in Your Career Be Optimistic, It Builds Your Self-Confidence How Understanding Your Fears Will Help Your Career 12 Most Common Fears How to Use Your Fear to Build Your Self-Confidence Why Fear is Hurting Your Career Surround Yourself With Confidence, Gain Career Success Don’t Let Negative People Hold Back Your Career Success Create Career Success By Becoming a Mentor How to Build Your Self-Confidence Expect Acceptance and You Will Gain Self-Confidence The Key to Self-Confidence: Fake it ‘Til You Make It Promotion Killers: Chronic Job Poster Promotion Killers: Unclear Values Promotion Killers: Blaming Others Promotion Killers: Weak Goals Promotion Killers: Getting Discouraged Promotion Killers: Being Too Shy Promotion Killers: Having A Negative Outlook Promotion Killers: No Internal Mentor Promotion Killers: Not Staying Current Promotion Killers: Not Understanding Business Promotion Killers: Not Understanding Your Company’s Business Promotion Killers: Being Disorganized Promotion Killers: Acting Stressed 24/7 Promotion Killers: Missing Deadlines Promotion Killers: Not Following Through Promotion Killers: Procrastinating Promotion Killers: Sloppy Work Promotion Killers: Not Being A Team Player Promotion Killers: Not Being Healthy Promotion Killers: Poor Conversation Skills Promotion Killers: Poor Presentation Skills Promotion Killers: Poor Writing Skills Promotion Killers: Having A Bad Image Promotion Killers: Not Branding Yourself Promotion Killers: Poor Attire Promotion Killers: Online Stupidity Promotion Killers: Can’t Manage Your Boss Promotion Killers: No Self-Awareness Promotion Killers: Not Paying It Forward Promotion Killers: Lack Of Conflict Resolution Skills Create And Nurture Your Network Before You Need It
Name: Andria Corso Twitter: @andriacorso LinkedIn: /in/andriacorso Personal Website/Blog: Bio: Andria Corso is a career and leadership development coach and Strategic HR consultant with areas of expertise in career and leadership development and executive coaching. Andria has over 15 years of HR leadership experience insider Fortune 100 companies, including 11 years inside Lockheed Martin Corporation. Andria specifically works with clients on career transitions, career advancement & career development so they can reach their highest potential. She is the author of "From Gatekeeper to Trusted Advisor: Success Strategies for Today's HR Professional." What's your favorite career related quote? "On the road to success you can be sure of one thing...there is never a crowd on the extra mile." (Unknown) What’s your favorite part about being a CAREEREALISM-Approved Career Expert? It's great to be able to share my expertise on career development and how to achieve career success with a wide audience as well as be a mentor and a guide for others as they navigate their career paths! Articles written by this expert: Preparing for a Career Discussion with Your Manager Conducting Effective Career Discussions with Employees Career Development Feedback? Or Feed-forward? How to Create Your Unique Career Plan Career Transitions: Blank Pages Waiting to Be Filled How to Stand Out (and Fit In) at Your New Job 6 Principles for Reaching Your Ultimate Career Potential (Part 1) 6 Principles for Reaching Your Ultimate Career Potential (Part 2) Ask Yourself, 'What’s My Brand?' Career Goals: Are You Willing to Change? To Reach Your Highest Potential, Start from Your Strengths The Power of Persistence in Your Career Retention Problem? Perhaps it’s a Career Development Problem The Importance of Being Aligned with Your Work 5 Steps to Take Full Control of Your Career Show Your Passion, Advance Your Career Your First 90 Days: Do You Have a Plan? Career Success: The Elusive Carrot The Key Qualities of an Emerging Leader 3 Signs it’s Time for a Career Change Leading Work Effectively Through Shifting Priorities Personal Leadership is the Key to Leading at Work Manage Your Energy to Sustain Your Best Performance Is Your Leadership Role in Jeopardy? Take Control! 3 Steps to Help You Master the Art of Delegation How to Stand Up to Your Boss When You’re Overworked The Power of Gratitude Why You Need To Celebrate Your Accomplishments New Year’s Resolutions: Who Do You Want To Be? How To Thrive During Change 4 Steps To Recreate Your Leadership Style
Name: Dawn Rasmussen Twitter: @dawnrasmussen LinkedIn: /in/dawnrasmussen Personal Website/Blog: Bio: National and international audiences have benefited from Dawn’s expertise as president of Portland, Oregon-based Pathfinder Writing and Career Services. A frequently requested national and international conference speaker on career management topics, her targeted career management advice and resume tips have helped many people fuel their job searches with renewed energy. In addition to developing strategized career documents for mid- to executive-level clients, Dawn is also a career columnist for One+ Magazine and, and has been featured in CBS Money Watch, CareerBuilder, and in Business Journal newspapers across the U.S. What's your favorite career related quote? “Very few of the great leaders ever get through their careers without failing, sometimes dramatically." (Philip Crosby) What’s your favorite part about being a CAREEREALISM-Approved Career Expert? Today’s employment marketplace requires keenly focused job seekers who understand what ‘active career management’ means and are also aware of the tools needed to be successful in landing their next job. As an "employment evangelist," I love sharing knowledge on what those tools are and by empowering people…it’s all about helping people gain competencies regarding their personal brand and career assets. CAREEREALISM is an invaluable resource for job seekers to find the information needed to take their job search to the next level. Articles written by this expert: 3 Critical Things to Know Before Jumping Ship in a Bad Economy Single Most Important Career Question to Ask Yourself I Did Everything Right in an Interview, but the Hiring Manager was Nuts The Dangerous Minefield of Modifying Previous Job Titles Don’t Be a LinkedIn 'Collector' or 'User' What’s NOT Wrong with Your Life? Salary Negotiations: Playing Poker with Your Financial Future A Chilling Trend Job Seekers Absolutely Need to Know Company Culture: 7 Tips on How You Can Plug In 10 Common Resume Mistakes You Need to Avoid The Biggest Secret Obstacle to Your Career The Real Reason Some Employers and Applicants Stink at Interviewing Loyalty: A Dead Workplace Value? Job Interview Autopsies: What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You 4 Tips for Connecting with a New Boss How to Handle Terminations in an Interview 10 Ways to Turn Your Job Search into a Full-time Job How Your E-mail Address Can Torpedo a Job Search Truth Hurts: The Real Scoop on Resume Length 4 No-fail Tricks to Capturing Awesome Letters of Recommendation Helpful or Harmful: The Real Costs of Going to Work Sick 6 Tips You Need to Know Before Changing Industries Transform Temp / Contract Work into a Permanent Job Top 7 Survival Tips for New Grads in the Workplace Bad Marketing Gone Wrong – Personalization Matters in a Job Search Are You in Danger of Being Obsolete? Your Appearance Impacts Your Career Top Thing Most People Forget to Include on Their Resume Demanding Job Search Help Doesn’t Mean You’ll Get It Time to Eliminate Confusion: Call for Standardization of Resume Formats 6 Ways to Avoid Burning Bridges By Leaving a Job Top Career Torpedoes You Need to Avoid 6 Tips to Getting Back in the Employment Saddle Again Secret to 2012 Career Success: Commitment Don’t Be a LinkedIn ‘Ignoridiot!’ (15 Ways Around It) How Many Versions of Your Resume Do You Need? Top 5 Barriers to Job or Contact Referrals in a Job Search The Secret ‘Sauce’ to Any Job Search Why You Shouldn’t Go to Work Sick Why Salary and Job Negotiation is Like Buying a New Car When is the Right Time to Quit a Job? 5 Tips for Shy Networkers Hiring Discrimination Exists (Whether Employers Admit it or Not) How Companies Can Lose Brand Momentum How to Make Internships Translate to Employers How LeBron James Showed Us the Future of the Workplace Why Good Customer Service Can Enhance Your Career Learn to ‘Boast’ a Little in Your Resume Resumes: To Lie or Not to Lie? What You Need to Have a Successful Career 5 Things Job Seekers Need to Know About LinkedIn What Happened to My Career? The Dangers of Complacency How to Pick Yourself Up After Hitting Rock Bottom in a Job Search How to Get Past Your Job Search Fears What Not to Do When Networking on LinkedIn 6 Things to Do When Disaster Strikes the Office 9 Worst Productivity Suckers #1 Job Search Mistake (You Could Be Making It Right Now!) 5 Secrets To Climbing The Career Ladder How Your Attitude Defines Your Job Search
Name: Laura Smith-Proulx Twitter: @ResumeExpert LinkedIn: /in/laurasmithproulx Personal Website/Blog: Bio: Award-winning, published executive resume writer Laura Smith-Proulx, CCMC, TCCS, CPRW, CIC is a national columnist, certified career coach, author, master-trained resume writer, LinkedIn/Twitter strategist, and former recruiter. The Executive Director of An Expert Resume and a media source/contributor to SHRM,,, Wall Street Journal FINS, The Denver Post,, and others, she partners with executives and senior-level professionals to win choice jobs through targeted personal branding, social media techniques, Search Engine Optimization strategy, career management, and hidden job market access. What's your favorite career related quote? “We are the HERO of our own story." (Mary McCarthy) What’s your favorite part about being a CAREEREALISM-Approved Career Expert? As more people set out to find their dream jobs, it’s exciting to be able to reach out and educate them on the top-ROI strategies for finding the right position—and being discovered by the right employer. I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned as a recruiter about job search and helping professionals tap into a wealth of new resume, job search, and social media trends. Articles written by this expert: Are You Making the Top 3 LinkedIn Profile Errors? Is Your Resume Ready for a Recruiter? 5 Key Steps to a Cover Letter that Opens Doors What Does Your LinkedIn Headline Say About You? Why Your Next Job Might Come via LinkedIn Is Your Resume Summary Boring Employers? Does Your Resume Contain These 7 Overused Phrases? 3 Simple Steps to a Dollar-Driven Resume that Grabs Employer Attention Did You Short-Circuit Your LinkedIn Profile with Overused Words? 5 Reasons Your LinkedIn Profile Isn’t Working Want Stronger Results? Try a Networking Resume Be the First Applicant with this Job Search Tip Is Your Executive Resume Too Wordy? Do You Really Want to Use THAT LinkedIn Photo? 3 Easy Ways to Overcome the Challenge of Resume Writing What LinkedIn’s IPO Means for You Executive Job Hunting? You’ll Need More than a Resume Copying a Professional Resume? Watch Out for These Pitfalls 7 Phrases to Delete from Your LinkedIn Profile What You Should Know Before Contacting a Recruiter Does Your Cover Letter Make These 5 Critical Mistakes? You Sent Out Your Resume – Now What? 5 Resume Mistakes That Can Knock You Out of the Running Does Your Resume Miss Out on the Latest Trends? Is Your LinkedIn Profile Holding You Back? How to Ace the Panel Interview 3 Strategies for Writing a Bold, Branded Executive Resume How Do the Best Executive Resumes Win Interviews? Quick Fixes to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile 5 Tips for a Strong Medical Affairs Leadership Resume How to Write Compelling Resume Section Headings 3 Reasons to Tone Down Your LinkedIn Photo How to Reach Out to Recruiters Using LinkedIn 3 Ways to Emphasize Your ROI on Your Resume The 5 Most Overlooked Components of a Powerful Executive Resume 3 Places To Pack Your LinkedIn Profile With Keywords 3 Secrets To A Powerful Resume Summary 3 Reasons To Update Your LinkedIn Profile ASAP 5 Phrases To Take Out Of Your LinkedIn Headline NOW 3 Compelling Strategies For Your COO Resume 3 Major LinkedIn Myths You Should Know About How To Write Your LinkedIn Profile When You’re Unemployed 3 Secrets To A High-Impact Cover Letter Is Your LinkedIn Photo Harming Your Job Search? How To Use LinkedIn For Your Executive Job Search 3 Phrases That Kill The Effectiveness Of An Executive Resume 5 Steps To A Powerful Personal Brand For Your Executive Resume