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CAREEREALISM-Approved Business Partner Program

Why is the partner program so valuable?

Our partner program was created to give businesses a cost-effective way to build their authority online. Simply put, Marketing 2.0 is all about others promoting you as a way to build your credibility with potential clients. With the partner program, you are guaranteed to dramatically improve your online authority!

Did you know?

As a CAREEREALISM-Approved Partner, there are 11 ways you can leverage your online exposure.

The following outlines how your business or group, if accepted, can take full advantage of all the benefits of this program:

Approved Partner Program | CAREEREALISM.com

1. Content Promoted on CAREEREALISM

We manually post two articles per month for our partners. You send us which posts you want showcased and we handle the rest. Your content will be featured in front of 115,000+ website visitors per month and 26,200+ daily RSS subscribers.

Approved Partner Program | CAREEREALISM.com

2. Content Endorsed on All Social Media Platforms

We update our 40,000+ followers daily on all our social media accounts with content and webinar information from our partners. We will also list each partner’s accounts and surf them for interesting articles to retweet on @CAREEREALISM.

Approved Partner Program | CAREEREALISM.com

3. Inclusion in Weekly Newsletter

Each week, we update our 25,000+ newsletter subscribers with career content from the week before from our partners.

Approved Partner Program | CAREEREALISM.com

4. Products/Services Promoted

We will advertise your unique services (i.e. special deals or new products) to our followers via social media and our newsletter.

Approved Partner Program | CAREEREALISM.com

5. Participate in CAREEREALISM TV

As a partner, you get to participate in our web TV programming. We will sponsor a segment about you and arrange all the promotional efforts.

Approved Partner Program | CAREEREALISM.com

6. SEO Improvement

Your business biography will be hosted on CAREEREALISM.com and we’ll include linkage to your own blog and/or website. Your brand will be affiliated with a top-three world-ranked career blog that has a Google Ranking of 6.

Approved Partner Program | CAREEREALISM.com

7. Support Opportunity to be on Third-party Sites

Our content is reviewed daily and promoted by third-parties including, but not limited to SmartBrief, Monster, Shine, & IBT.

Approved Partner Program | CAREEREALISM.com

8. Media Opportunities

We are consistently approached by media sources (i.e. Wall Street Journal, MSNBC) and monitor journalist queries. We will forward contact information to the appropriate partners depending on the source needed.

Approved Partner Program | CAREEREALISM.com

9. Brand Company as an Approved Partner

Upon your request, we can provide you with a unique badge to host on your website which displays your status with CAREEREALISM.

Approved Partner Program | CAREEREALISM.com

10. Improve Income Opportunities

We provide consultation services for our partners. We will work you by phone to help increase your website traffic, lead generation, and conversion rates.

Approved Partner Program | CAREEREALISM.com

11. YouTube Segment

We can facilitate a video-based interview via YouTube between you and CAREEREALISM.com Founder, J.T. O’Donnell, regarding a specific career topic. This option will give you an opportunity to add a video component to your company brand as an approved partner.

We receive many requests to guest post on CAREEREALISM. In order to ensure we provide our readers with content from credible career sources, we must ask those interested to go through a screening process.

Cost of Program
$199.00 per three months [Two articles per month]
$249.00 per three months [Four articles per month]
$399.00 per three months [Eight articles per month]

Reason for Cost
Maintenance fee for the promotional efforts of your services and expertise to our viewership.

How to Apply
Please send the following information to [email protected] and title the message, CAREEREALISM-Approved Partner Program.

  • Company name
  • URL to LinkedIn page
  • URL to Twitter page
  • URL to blog/website

We will respond within three business days of you submitting your information. If you have any questions, please send them to [email protected] or call us at 877-588-5455.