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Elizabeth Dexter-Wilson is a job search coach as well as a higher education professional development consultant. Her mission is to help her clients find their professional mojo through purpose and passion and to help other professionals build strong services through innovative and cutting edge programming. She brings her expertise in career coaching, branding, professional etiquette, image consulting, social media and blogging. A self proclaimed “career geek”, Liz has over 18 years’ experience in higher education coaching University and College students as they transition from student to professional. Prior to her coaching and higher education experience, Liz worked in social services. She holds a Master of Science degree in College Student Affairs from Purdue University and is also certified in Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol Consulting through the Protocol School of Washington. When Liz is not coaching and blogging, she enjoys jewelry making, sewing, reading, watching sports and attempting to surf, play tennis and golf.

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