Poll: Would You Go Back to Your Old Job if You Could?

Poll: Would You Go Back to Your Old Job if You Could?
After breaking up about 10 years ago, the Spice Girls, a popular British girl band in the 90s, got back together and performed during the closing ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics in London. Since the band's downfall, each member has taken a different career path. So, what are they doing now? Although several of the Spice Girls are still thriving in the entertainment industry, they have all changed their career paths greatly. "Posh Spice" (Victoria Beckham) is now a fashion designer, "Scary Spice" (Melanie Brown) is a judge on the entertainment reality show The X Factor, "Baby Spice" (Emma Bunton) is currently the host of the talent show Don't Stop Believing, "Ginger Spice" (Geri Halliwell) is the author of a series of children's novels called Ugenia Lavender, and "Sporty Spice" (Melanie Chisholm) is currently working on a new solo album after taking a break to focus on motherhood. Studies show that people change careers up to nine times in their lifetime. The Spice Girls went back to their old career (even just for a moment) - but would you? So, what was your favorite job? If you could go back to it now, would you? Why? Please take our poll, and tell us your thoughts in the comments section! [poll id="39"]
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