Ben Rosen

Founder & CEO Of Inspiring Interns

Ben founded Inspiring Interns in 2009, opening its headquarters in Bloomsbury. In the same year he was awarded ‘Winner of the 2009 BT Essence of the Entrepreneur award.’ Later on in 2009, the company partnered with the charity E-ACT.

Together, they worked to support deprived children to improve their educational opportunities. Their work led to changes in the national curriculum. In late 2013, the company opened a second office in Manchester in order to expand its services to the Midlands and the North.

Inspiring Interns is a graduate recruitment agency connecting talented graduates with top companies and start-up businesses in London, Manchester and the rest of the UK. They specialize in sourcing graduate jobs and paid internships (going permanent), matching ambitious graduates to opportunities in a variety of industries. They have kick-started the careers of over 5,000 young people since 2009 and continue to provide a professional filtering, recruitment and Careers Advice Service.