Benjamin Greenberg

Benjamin Greenberg

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Name: Benjamin Greenberg Title: Talent Hunter/Gatherer Email: ben@workemailaddress.comLinkedIn: 508-826-7757 Twitter: @TheNotoriousBHG

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Company: Independent Location: Boston, MA Website:

For Job Candidates

Preferred Method To Be Contacted By A Candidate: Email Preferred Process For Following Up On Application: A nice reminder email or LinkedIn note never hurts ;) Things That Impress You In A Candidate: Dedication, Determination, and Drive are my "Three D's" and what I believe to be the most important elements of any successful person, regardless of their job. If you have the Dedication to a desired outcome/objective, the Determination to affect and achieve that outcome, and the Drive to EXECUTE, no one can stop you from reaching that objective. Can Candidates Apply For Multiple Positions And Not Get Penalized?: Yes

Recruiter's Perspective

What's your favorite quote? "It Is Never Too Late to Be What You Might Have Been" - George Eliot What do you like to do in your free time? Cook, network, listen to music, and hang out with friends. In a sentence, why do you enjoy working at your company? Because every day is a new opportunity to focus on effort and growth.