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Broke New Year’s Resolution? Turn to Chinese New Year to Reignite Job Search


By CAREEREALISM-Approved Expert, Melissa C. Martin

Do you know what February 14 was? No, I’m not thinking of cupids and arrows to herald Valentine’s Day. It was the start of the Chinese New Year! The Chinese New Year operates on a 12 year cycle, based on one’s birthday and birth year. Unlike the Western astrological model which features Zodiac signs, the Eastern version is characterized by 12 distinct animals to denote interests and differences.

Have you broken your New Year’s resolution?

Relax. The statistics indicate many well-intentioned people break their New Year’s resolution within a month, however, you can refocus, re-energize and relaunch your job/career goals with new vigor. Enter the year of tiger! Not only can you use the Chinese astrological system to find a fit between you and a personal mate, you can also search for an ideal job!

Here’s a quick sampling of all 12 Chinese astrological animals and how you can capitalize on their key traits to propel your job search:

Tiger: bold, adventurous, impulsive

Use a bold, multi-layered approach to a job search. Aim for being unique and distinctive in attacting job leads and potential employers.

Rat: charming, socialable and restless

Many occupations require these traits (i.e. sales, public relations, etc). Look up Holland’s 6 personality types to find an ideal fit with these traits.

Ox: strong-willed, determined, ambitious, stubborn

The average job search for a North American is 4-6 months or 1 month for every $10,000/year you wish to earn. Stay focused and persevere!

Rabbit: peace-loving, shrewd, prudent, perceptive

The hare didn’t “beat” the tortoise in the race for a reason. Be strategic and purposeful. Perhaps a humanitarian, leadership role may be suitable for rabbits.

Dragon: active, confident, honest, lucky

An effective job search is crafted with care and entices decision makers to consider you as a serious contender in the hiring process.

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Snake: wise, thoughtful, guarded, slow-moving

Slow-moving job searches are not optimal generally, but a qualitative vs. quantitative approach, which may require more time, often pays dividends.

Horse: active, alert, sociable

As much of 80% of a company turnover rate relates to a faulty hiring process. Convince employers you deliver a high ROI (return on investment).

Goat: creative, kind, easygoing, sensitive

Smart networking fuses sales and marketing with an approach to helping contacts.Your effort to help contacts rather than to “exploit” them will draw attention. Networking is a reciprocal relationship between the job seeker and the “weak ties” in your network.

Monkey: versatile, charming, sociable, cunning

Techniques like “reverse networking” and the “strategy of the strong” beat out your competition in finding a job.

Rooster: methodical, efficient, proud, candid

Your personal brand on and offline will be healthier if you take advantage of these traits. To calculate your online ID, go to www.onlineidcalculator.com.

Dog: honest, trusting, perceptive, cynical

Roughly 32% of new hires do not advance beyond the probation period. Your professional credo needs to be authentic and trustworthy for an employer to hire you.

Pig: sincere, sociable, hard-working, stubborn

Evaluate your self-marketing tools, such as your resume, cover letter and online identity. How would employers perceive you as a job candidate? Does your offline identity project confidence and credibility?

To identify your individual Chinese astrological sign, look up your birth year and birthday, based on the 12 year cycle.

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