Building An Employment Branding Strategy That WORKS

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  • Why you NEED to showcase your employment brand
  • The 5 areas of your company you must highlight
  • Where you should be promoting your employment branding stories
  • The type of content you need to produce
  • How to write your own employment branding content (with some great examples!)
  • How you can benefit from sponsored content

76% of job seekers today do their homework on a company before they apply.

"Informed candidates want to know if your company's values, beliefs, leadership, staff, and work environment sync with their career goals and desires. If you don't know how to reveal and promote your employment brand online, then I guarantee the top talent you want working for you is choosing not to apply to your company. This e-book gives you an easy-to-follow process for making sure your employment brand is sending the right message to the right candidates."

J.T. O'Donnell, Employment Branding Expert & Founder of Work It Daily