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A while back, I did an interview for “The Doug Foresta Show” on Blog Talk Radio. The theme of the show is "creative people sharing tips and inspiration for living a successful/creative life" and Doug found me, I think, through LinkedIn. His interviews generally feature actors and artists and others linked overtly to creativity through their career choices. But Doug identified me as a creative person through my blog, and through the way I describe myself and the work I do. It turned out to be a fantastic conversation (good takeaways for all!) and I’m really impressed with the forum Doug has created. I’m going to hit HIM up for an interview for my blog soon. (Stay tuned for that.) In the meantime, give my interview a listen and, if you like it, check out some of the others. I particularly enjoyed Part 2 of Vida Ghaffari’s interview and the interview with Brad Holbrook. Jenny Yerrick Martin, founder of, has amassed 20+ years as an entertainment industry professional including almost 15 as a hiring executive and five as a career consultant. She's become an indispensable resource for people who want to break into entertainment, as well as those in entertainment looking to reach the next level or course-correct in their already-established careers.Creative ideas crossword image from Shutterstock
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Man talks to his boss about his career goals

In order to have a productive discussion about career growth with your boss, it is important for you to prepare and think through some key items ahead of time. You want to be in full control of your career path and the best way to do that is to approach your manager with confidence and conviction around your career growth goals.

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