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Congratulations! You have taken the first step towards unlocking your true professional potential.

Now that you know what your top personas are, take a closer look at each one to learn more about their power on-the-job!


Thinks big-picture and conceptualizes ideas to motivate others to action.

Are you:    Capable of shaping a vision for those that can’t see the possibilities.
Can you:   See the end before the beginning. Able to assess from a bird’s eye view.
Do you:     Have a long-term mindset and plot your course accordingly.


Assesses, analyzes, and maps out improvements that directly save or make money.

Are you:    Someone people rely on to make sound financial decisions.
Can you:   Assess a business or project and immediately see ways to save or make money.
Do you:     Gain satisfaction from knowing your work makes the business more profitable.



Executes on a plan, managing all aspects, keeping it on time and under budget.

PersonaIcon-Builder-01Are you:     A specialist in your field with lots of hands-on experience.
Can you:    Execute on a plan and work through roadblocks to completion.
Do you:
Like to focus on ways to do things better, faster, cheaper, etc.



Closes gaps in knowledge and to ensure staff is clear in their roles and goals.

PersonaIcon-Educator-01Are you:     Good at organizing thoughts into oral and written communications to motivate and train others.
Can you:     Take control of an idea and choose the right method for communicating it.
Do you:       Excel at wordplay and use communications skills to guide conversations.



Builds relationships with all types of professionals to improve business.

PersonaIcon-SuperConnector-01Are you:       Known for your extended network of contacts and circle of influence.
Can you:      Identify and put two network connections together as a way to help them each move forward in their goals.
Do you:        Actively seek and nurture new relationships, never worrying about whether you have too many connections.



Goes the extra mile and volunteers for the tough work when things are challenging.

PersonaIcon-Warrior-01Are you:        Loyal and passionate about people and ideas you believe in.
Can you:       Stay strong and carry on with the mission when others give up.
Do you:         Enjoy starting new projects and welcome the work that goes with them.


Gathers data and information to assist in better designs and decisions.

PersonaIcon-Researcher-01Are you:       Detail-oriented and structured in all your work efforts.
Can you:      Assess and locate the right information and resources needed to complete a project.
Do you:        Enjoy getting things organized and building routines for consistency.



Coaches performance and helping others develop their own skills.

PersonaIcon-Mentor-01Are you:       Seen as a thought-leader and highly successful in your industry.
Can you:      Coach others to new levels of awareness and performance.
Do you:        Enjoy helping people develop their skills and increase their confidence.


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