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When you're at a bar, do you dread the question, "Oh hey, what do you do for a living?" Whether it's because your job position is hard to explain or it just sounds down right dull, we can help with that. In a new segment for our up coming Careers On Tap series called Career Hot or Not, viewers submit their bland job titles, a hobby that they love, and just some brief background on themselves, and our hosts J.T. O'Donnell and Sam Bennett will give you a personal branding makeover - Turning your career 'not' to HOT! If you get any of the reaction below when you talking about "what you do," then you might be the perfect candidate for a Career Hot or Not makeover! Do the reactions to your job titles go something like these?

Technical Sales

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Solutions Analyst

Courtesy of Tumblr  

Projects Coordinator

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Documentation Specialist

Courtesy of Wifflegif  

Biology Teaching Laboratory Preparation Assistant

Courtesy of Wikia  


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Digital Account Executive

Courtesy of Buzzfeed  

Aquatic Entomologist

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Don't continue to fall victim to a bland or dull job title. Spice it up with a 'Career Hot or Not' makeover!


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