10 Career Stories You Missed Last Week

10 Career Stories You Missed Last Week
After a hectic week, we know you were busy catching up with work. Here are 10 posts you may have missed while you were cleaning out your Inbox and finalizing projects. Blacklisted for This Job Search Mistake: A survey came out just in time for Halloween and it’s scaring a lot of long-term job seekers. Are you being blacklisted in your job search? Single and Looking: 5 Reasons Why Job Search is Like Dating: Think job search is a drag? Maybe it's time you looked at it differently. Learn why you should think about job search like dating. 3 Ways You Can Improve Your Twitter Job Search: Twitter is a great networking tool for job seekers. Find out how you can improve your job search by using links, hastags, and more! 5 Dangers of Online Resume Samples: If you're planning on making a DIY resume, take caution when using online resume samples. Here are five reasons why you need to be careful. 5 Tips for a Successful Business Lunch: Do you have a business lunch with your interviewer? Here are a few tips to keep you on top of your game during this kind of meeting. How to Never Lose a Job Again: If you’ve ever been laid-off or fired, you've most likely said, “I never want to lose a job again.” Especially, if you've been out of work for awhile. What Not to Do When Networking on LinkedIn: Networking on LinkedIn can seem like a daunting task to some, but it's really not that bad... unless you make THIS major networking fail. Selfish vs. Self-Satisfying: Career Success 101: Want to know the difference between you and people who are happy in their careers? They recognized the goal of pursuing a career is to be self-satisfied. Career Prep: Job is Open... Again, Do I Apply? Would you re-apply to a job that got reposted? Take our Career Prep question of the day and find out what you should do in this situation. Certifications or Two-Year Degrees: Which to Pick: Should you get a certification or a two-year degree? Learn the difference between the two and find out what's best for your career. Image Credit: Shutterstock
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