6 Reasons To Consider A Career In Financial Services

6 Reasons To Consider A Career In Financial Services

The financial services industry is experiencing big changes. Hundreds of seasoned financial representatives and advisors are retiring in the next decade, creating the need for new professionals to join the industry. However, studies show most people under the age of forty don’t think about a career in this field. Why? Their perception of the industry as a career path is negative or non-existent. Which means, those individuals savvy enough to join the industry now, have the potential to fast-track their careers as financial advisors.

Meet Northwestern Mutual’s Northern New England Team

In New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont, a close-knit team of financial representatives and advisors have come together to create a work environment and professional opportunity that breaks the mold. Here are six things that might surprise you about joining a team, like Northwestern Mutual’s Northern New England Office: Success is clearly defined and never ambiguous. Tired of guessing if you’re doing a good job? Unsure if you’re advancing in your career? Being a financial services representative means you’ll be given the tools and the training that’s proven to deliver success. They know how to enjoy the little things in life. Like cookies. Yes, cookies. But, not just any cookies. Watch the video below to see how this simple treat is the office obsession. Working with charities is part of the job. If you love the idea of giving back to the community and those less fortunate, then why shouldn’t it be part of your job? Having fun is a requirement. Does your employer make getting together to celebrate and have fun a must-do? What would it be like to know recognition and reward were a regular occurrence? They know what they represent, and they’re proud of it. A good job has a clear sense of identity that is easy to convey. For example, if you had to choose a car to represent your current job and employer, would you be able to choose as well as these folks? Making a personal impact on as many lives as possible is their No. 1 accomplishment. Everyone wants a job that makes a difference. But, few make as big a difference in so many lives as this one. Ready To Explore Being A Financial Representative? All It Takes Is This… If you liked what you saw above, why not explore a career with Northwestern Mutual’s Northern New England Office? Simply CLICK HERE to complete their online survey and a recruiter will be in touch (FYI - you’re guaranteed a call if you complete the survey), to discuss the possibility of joining their team. Northwestern Mutual is the marketing name for The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company (NM), Milwaukee, WI and its subsidiaries.DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post.
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