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  1. Dear J. T.,

    I have questions to ask, 2 yrs ago I had 6+ yrs experienced in safety health & environment fields in local, now a fire protection technician in abroad. What position is best to move on I need to continue and extend my SH&E career.
    Thank you very much.
    Hope to hear from your end.

    Kind Regards,

    1. Julius,

      Thanks for commenting! We’re not familiar with that particular career path, but we’d suggest taking a long, hard look at the skills you have, then trying to find a job that requires those skills. As long as you can show potential employers how your experience makes you the best fit for the job, they’ll consider you for it.

  2. I’m trying to get a electrical job,but I need the right words to get me in the doors for a interview. Please help if you can.

  3. Quite informative and resourceful materials here. I appreciate the support this has given me in my quest to compete for my dream job.

  4. Is it only on Cover Letters that your newsletter focus on. What about CVs. I would be glad if you would send me a CV sample that focus on English and Lit studies (Discipline). Thanks in anticipation.

  5. I do appreciate you for finding time even at your busiest moment, to be my educator, mentor and director in your field of experience. Thanks once again.

  6. Great thanks for the offer. I’m hoping there will be some templates or samples for supply chain and inventory management.

  7. I am currently receiving your letter. I am going back to the hospitality industry after a long time of being a student. I have three different Master degrees (MBA, MS Hospitality Management, and MS Environmental Studies). I need to write a cover letter. I would appreciate receiving some guidance or samples of these if that is possible. Thank you.

    1. Liliana,

      Thanks for signing up for our Cover Letter Tutorial & Template! Those resources will give you a much better idea of how to move forward in creating your cover letter. If you still need help, we off hands-on career coaching (which includes helping you edit your cover letter) at our sister site, CareerHMO. Check out our Job Search Accelerator Program (JSAP) for more details.

      If you still have questions, just let me know!

  8. Thanks for this great idea. please, will like you to put me thru with my cover letter.
    Am an accountant but yet to write any professional courses also i have a little experience.
    how do i write a cover letter that will catch the attention of the employer.

  9. Thank you Ms. O’Donnell. I am a
    Veteran of the U.S. Air Force – 59
    years old. Dumped by last employer for no real cause, denied unemployment benefits
    due to inaccurate employer statements(lies). Navigating thru
    this new Internet only job process is very difficult. So, I appreciate a busy corporate entity like yourself taking time to
    assist me. Thank you very much.

  10. I currently am receiving your letter. I am a forklift operator and warehouse worker.. also machine operator in a manufactory business. I would appreciate receiving samples of these if that is possible.


  11. I currently am receiving your letter. I am in the construction industry applying for PM, CM and Superintendent positions. I would appreciate receiving samples of these if that is possible.

    Thank you.


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