Cover Letter

In my experience as an Executive Resume Writer, cover letters only get read about a third of the time they are sent. That being said, when one is required, or you are hoping for that added edge to get a hiring manager's attention, there is no doubt a great cover letter can make all the difference.

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The cover letter may be a second thought to many job seekers because there's the feeling that employers aren't going to read it. But the truth is you never know if it'll get read or not.

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Job hunting is so much more than crisp suits, smiles, and polite, easy conversations with your interviewers. It's also not a time for you to be imaginatively hopeful.

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A cover letter serves as an introduction to your resume—and to yourself as a candidate for employment. It's the place to show your interest in the position, and make a personal connection between who you are and why you're a great fit for the opportunity.

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Staying hydrated at work isn't only good for your overall health. It also plays an important role in your professional well-being.

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