Career Prep: Co-Worker Got a Raise, Time to Complain?

Job search takes practice – just like studying for the SAT. That’s why we came up with daily Career Prep questions to help you “study” for your job search! Here’s today’s question: Betty just found out that Griffin, a guy who started the same day as her, just got a raise and a promotion. Turns out, Griffin had been setting up meetings and working with their boss to fast-track himself to a new role. Betty had assumed that opportunities for advancement would be presented to them openly. She had no idea she could proactively work to get a promotion like Griffin did – nobody had told her that. Now, Betty is angry and wants to complain to her boss. [poll id="69"] Image Credit: Shutterstock

There's no doubt that TV characters stand out for a number of reasons -- especially if they're a TERRIBLE boss. These characters often make you think about this question: If they were your boss, would you show up to work everyday?

There are bad TV bosses, and then there are the WORST TV bosses. Here's who made our worst list and why.

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