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What You and a Hermit Crab Have in Common

What's a C-Twip?

c-twip (see-twip) noun 1. Career advice rendered from the social media platform of Twitter.


9 Steps to Responding to a Lowball Job Offer Article by: @AvidCareerist

Interview: Dress to Compliment Your Most Professional Self Article by: @North_Orion

What You and a Hermit Crab Have in Common Article by: @Karl_Staib

We surf the Twittersphere on a daily basis to find the best career content out there. In our opinion, the above articles are the top three from the past week or so.

When you see the enticing headline "Worst Jobs In America," it's almost impossible to resist clicking to see what professions made the list.

But, what happens if your job is on the list?

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