Poll: Which Is Harder - Dating Or Job Search?
Job search can be extremely challenging, and sometimes it can seem like you're never going to find work. You've tried it all: online job boards, speed networking, job fairs... you've even had friends set up interviews for you. This is a very frustrating process for many, and it can be really discouraging. But what about dating? Isn't it pretty much the same thing? You've got your online dating, speed dating, meet ups at bars, set ups by friends... it's incredibly similar to job searching, isn't it? But... which one do you think is harder? Trying to find work or trying to find a significant other? Why? What do you think? Please take our poll and tell us your thoughts in the comment section below! [poll id="103"] Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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Some managers can motivate you from the moment they step into a room, while others simply cannot get employees to work for them at their full potential. The real problem stands in the fact that the effective manager does need to have some traits. Failure to have them will lead to failure for the entire company.
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