Recent Grad Gets Dream Job in 2 Months...Here's How

Recent Grad Gets Dream Job in 2 Months...Here's How
By J.T. O'Donnell We've quietly had info about CAREEREALISM University up for a while now on the site. We don't really promote it. Perhaps, that seems like a great way NOT to sell something, however, we want people to seek us out to join this first-of-its-kind private career social network so they get the best experience possible. That being said, we realize it's probably time (graduation season is coming and another 2M people will enter a very tough job market) to share how CAREEREALISM University works. So, below is the testimonial of Mari... As soon as I got Mari's e-mail explaining her situation, I knew I would enjoy working with her. She was the classic example of today's smart college grad who simply needed some insight into how to connect herself with employers. There are things that every student should know, but never gets taught in school. Things like how your personality impacts the job search and interview process, how your strengths need to be branded in an interview to ensure you are seen as the best candidate, etc. But most importantly, new grads need support as they navigate this process for the very first time. It's like learning to walk - someone holds your hand, but before you know it, you are off and running. Last week, Mari started her dream job. So, I asked her to share her experience with CAREEREALISM University so others could understand its value. Here is her testimonial:

"As a brand new college graduate in December of 2008, all I could think upon graduating was that it was some pretty awful timing on my part to be born in 1986 and entering the work force 22 years later, in a job market that some might say is catastrophic. With student loans coming due the stakes were high, and so out a mixture of curiosity, desperation and a genuine need for direction, I signed up for Careerealism after reading about it on a blog.

I didn’t know what I was in for. I was shocked to realize that not only was I getting a career coach, I was getting THE career coach, J.T. O’Donnell, the subject of the blog post I had read and the brains behind the whole operation. I was expecting spam emails and mass mailers, but instead I got personal, in-depth emails and even phone calls from J.T. With her guidance, I learned how to capitalize on my strengths and interaction style in interviews, how to be prepared for any interview question, and how to be appropriately selective in my job search. This last point is a tough thing to accomplish in an economy that seems to dictate taking the first offer that comes along.

It was J.T.’s encouragement and insight that gave me the confidence to wait for the career path that I had been working toward for years, and she would not let me settle for anything else; not even if it was close-but-not-quite, and not even if it meant a paycheck to cash. I got in touch with J.T. O’Donnell and Careerealism in January, and got my dream job in February. That was no accident. I am now in a job that I would have been lucky to get even in the best of economic times. I was told that over 100 others applied for the position. Because of Careerealism and the personal support of J.T. O’Donnell, I was the one who stood out from that crowd."

Well, that's how it works. If this sounds like something you'd benefit from (by the way, it only costs $29), then

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