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  1. Seeking to change careers, but I have no experience in the desired career. How do I go about making the change by using LinkedIn?
    (14+ year history in commercial property management and 15+ year history in commercial and eminent domain appraisal.)
    My skills all relate to these two professions. Yes, there are soft skills that are transferable, but not the hard skills.


  2. Thanks to all putting this together. It is a tough market. It pays to stay ahead of the competition.

  3. I am excited to see what the program has to offer in my job search before and after graduation. I am obtaining my masters in psychology, specializing in Organizational leadership. Thanks for the opportunity to advance my career.

  4. You are a true blessing JT.. Thank you and team for all the stuff you share! You’re like the Chinese Fishing story…
    Give a man a fish.. feed him for a day
    but you teach a man to fish, and he’s fed for a life time!
    Thanks much JT… High 5!


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