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Employment Branding Is Telling Your Company's HR Story

A 20/20 segment painted a horrific picture of HR departments and their hiring/firing practices. It has HR groups up-in-arms across the country. I say, "Don't get mad - get Employment Branding!" This video is nothing more than an attention-crazed author trying to get more book sales. But, instead of arguing against it and trying to defend HR's honor, the real answer lies in playing the author's own game.

Employment Branding Is Telling Your Company's HR Story

And, do it on your own terms! There's no getting around it. There is a new "normal" in recruiting that requires companies to be more transparent about what they are like to work for. HR's motto must now be: "Brand or be branded." You need to be able to tell your company story in an honest and compelling fashion. You need to be an authentic and interesting employer. You need to be the kind of company that says, "We aren't perfect, but here's why working for us may be perfect for you." Employment Branding is the best way to convey that message! Now more than ever, HR Departments need to step up and take control of their company's Employment Brand. Don't let the defamation of HR's character become part of your company's employment identity. They say the best defense is a good offense - so, the sooner you get your company engaged in an Employment Branding campaign, the sooner you distance yourself from those HR bad apples this 20/20 segment is referring to! Check out our Employment Branding Services Page or Employment Branding FAQ for more details.

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