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Is Video An Employment Branding No-No?

I stumbled across the above video spoof Twitter did on Employment Branding and it made me wonder, "How many really bad Employment Branding videos did they see to prompt them to do this?" Then I thought, "Sadly, it only takes one." The truth is, while HR folks know what to say in interviews to convince the best talent to join their teams, the reality is that isn't what should go in their Employment Branding campaigns. Why? It's too salesy - which Twitter proves quite clearly in their spoof.

Is Video An Employment Branding No-No?

Of course not! Nothing is as effective at attracting the right talent to your organization as video. (We'll be detailing why in future articles, but if you want to know sooner, contact us at employmentbranding [at] workitdaily.com.) When it comes to Employment Branding, we like to say, "If a picture is worth one thousand words, then a video is worth one million!" There's no reason to avoid doing video because of Employment Branding bullies like Twitter. The tech companies may think they know what's best when it comes to attracting talent - but what works for them isn't necessarily the right thing for your company. The answer is to work with an Employment Branding expert who can help you find the right messaging for your video. Check out our Employment Branding Services Page, Employment Branding FAQ or How Employment Branding Works page to see if we're the expert for you. You don't want everyone to love your video - just the people you are looking to hire!

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