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#1 Reason Executives Should Comment on Blogs

I recently spoke at an event full of executives and was asked the question, “What's the easiest way to start engaging with social media as a way to help my career?” My answer was simple: Get a Gravatar and comment on blogs. A Gravatar is a free profile you set up that is attached to a particular e-mail address. You should select an address you want to use to network with people online (i.e. Gmail account), and then build a simple profile that explains what problems you solve. Visit Gravatar.com to set yours up. Once you have a Gravatar, anytime you comment on a blog with the e-mail address associated with the Gravatar, the profile will automatically attach to your comment on the blog. From there, I suggest executives identify three to five blogs related to their industry or field of expertise (these can be major news source websites as well like Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., etc.), and start to comment on articles they find interesting. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the article to see if there is a comment option. Then, put together your thoughts and post them. That’s it! Note: Commenting is about quality, not quantity. The key is to be thoughtful and constructive in your commenting. Imagine there was a live conversation amongst your peers going on related to the article. What would you say to position yourself as knowledgeable, trusted, and most importantly, respected? That’s what should be posted online. After that, when people start to search on your name online, your comments will come up in the search. This is a wonderful way to build your online presence and give people a sense of your communication and leadership style as an executive.

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