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3 Ways an Executive’s Top Fold Can Hurt Their Reputation

If you are an executive today, you must be acutely aware of what your top fold is (or, is not) saying about you as a professional. A top fold is the first five to six things that come up about you when someone searches for you by name on the Internet. In short, a top fold is the results of a search for your executive brand. If a search on your name results in nothing relevant coming up about you, I can tell you with 100% certainty it’s hurting your reputation.

Here’s Why...

Now that social media is here to stay, there is a natural expectation that anyone who has done something exceptional in their career (i.e. executives) will have it showcased on the Internet. Gone are the days where your reputation was managed by word-of-mouth. Today’s executive needs to manage their reputation online as a way to ensure they are being seen as the high-level professional they have worked so hard to become. When you don’t invest any time or money into building a targeted top fold, the lack of search results on your name, by default, tell Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Executive Search firms, and anyone else looking for top talent you:
  • Aren’t technology-savvy enough to know how to create a top fold.
  • Haven’t done anything really special in your career recently.
  • Are hiding something damaging from your past.

Don’t Believe Me?

Well, a recent study shows five out of five recruiters are looking up executives before they contact them about opportunities these days. Can you afford to have a top fold that tells them to pass on you as a candidate? Understanding the importance of crafting and maintaining a strong top fold is a must-do for any executive looking for work. And, if you want to stay working until you choose to retire, you better be building an executive brand online that will last the duration of your working years. You are a business-of-one with a multi-million dollar brand. Don’t let poor marketing on your part hurt your career!

Your Next Step

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