We've all done stupid things in our lifetime, no doubt about that. However, there comes a time when "just having a little fun" can cross the line, and even get you fired. Both of these former employees learned this lesson the hard way. Here are two really stupid ways to get yourself fired.

Reason #1: Posting Photos of Yourself Violating Company Policy

Mmm, yummy... your Burger King burger never tasted so good. This employee clearly didn't think this move through.

Reason #2: Writing a Song About How Much You Hate Your Job

Although this song about Starbucks is kind of catchy, we don't recommend pulling a stunt like this one. Would you hire someone after they were fired for something like these reasons? Do you think they deserve a second chance? Or would you immediately escort them to the door? Let us know what you think! Please take our poll, and explain your reasoning in the comment section below. [poll id="30"] Fired image from Bigstock