Poll: Would You Use The Facebook Job Board?

Facebook changes more frequently than we can keep track of sometimes. However, there is one addition that we can't ignore. The Facebook job board. After partnering with the Department of Labor and several other career websites, Facebook recently launched a new tool for job seekers: the Social Jobs application - a social job board. According to Facebook's announcement statement, the Social Jobs app was created to help job seekers "leverage social media to connect great jobs with great candidates." The Social Jobs application has more thatn 1.7 million jobs posted, according to Mashable.com. ...But will this new social tool beat out LinkedIn? Where LinkedIn is dedicated to professional connections and content, Facebook is all over the place in terms of friends, photos, and posts - some of which are inappropriate. What do you think? Would you try it or do you think it's a waste of time? Please take our poll, and tell us what you think in the comment section below! [poll id="94"] Photo Credit: Shutterstock

This week on Well This Happened, we discussed Taylor's awkward workplace dilemma.

Taylor recently started a job at a retail store that's solely commission-based. He's really liking it, and learning a lot about sales.

However, his excitement for the job started to decline when the store manager started stealing clients from him and other team members.

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