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There are so many people out there who crave a faster job search. Despite spending hours online looking for jobs and applying to hundreds of job postings per month, they still can’t seem to land the right opportunities. As a result, they’re frustrated, demotivated, and drained. When they started, they might have been motivated, excited even, to find a new job, make a career change, or just discover something new. But after a few weeks, months, or years of using the wrong job search strategy, that feeling changes to frustration, and they feel like they’re swimming in a pool of concrete. Does that sound like you? Unfortunately, most people out there today are going about job search all wrong. Thankfully, you CAN conduct a faster job search. In fact, this activity, which only takes five minutes, can SIGNIFICANTLY decrease how much time and energy you spend on your job search. The first thing you need to do is create a list of 10 companies in your area that you respect, admire, or appreciate in some way. This will give you some direction in your job search. Then, you need to go and learn as much as you can about these companies. Follow them on social media. Engage with their brand. Like their pages, tweet them, and follow them on LinkedIn. This will allow you to get to know the companies better. And, when you know the companies like the back of your hand, it’s easy to articulate why you were drawn to them. So, if you met with someone from the company or ended up getting a job interview, you can clearly and enthusiastically share why that company is important to you and why you want to be there. This will allow you to stand out AND figure out what you’re looking for in terms of your next company.

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