What You Know About Finding a Job is Wrong

It’s true: what you know about finding a job is wrong. Yep, you read that correctly – wrong. I met a young lady last week who was going to school to be a career advisor – huh? That just goes to prove the point I make over and over, the people teaching you how to get a job have never hired anyone – never. Just like this young lady who was going to school to teach people how to get a job. She is learning the information and advice she will give eager job seekers from teachers who have never hired anyone either. This is the problem. Now these people aren’t intentionally trying to hurt your chances, they mean well. They just don’t have the experience or resources to really help you. The information they provide you doesn’t help you get hired, it is designed to keep you from getting eliminated. Here is an interview I did with Bruce Hurwitz of Blog Talk Radio that explains exactly what I mean. Listen to Interview Now »Corey Harlock, founder of Skills to Achieve, is on a mission, teaching job seekers how to be Inspired to Get Hired! Corey created the Fearless Job Seeker System to teach everyone what only a few job seekers know — about how to Promote Yourself and get hired. Click here » and learn more!Read more » articles by this approved career expert | Click here » if you’re a career expertImage from Anson0618/Shutterstock

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