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You think you've had co-worker troubles? Well, listen to this one. Due to budget cuts, positions were eliminated at the Kansas City Star - leaving one job open between the two reporters, Karen Dillon and Dawn Bormann. Instead of leaving the decision up to HR, the company told the co-workers they had to decide among themselves who was going to get the boot. Talk about a tough decision. “Karen Dillon has seniority, so she has the option of taking it or not taking it,” according to KCConfidential.com. “And if she does, Dawn gets laid off. Dawn’s a great person but I think Karen will vote in favor of herself because she’s got teenage kids at home.” Dillion ended up taking the job, forcing the company to lay off her co-worker. But what would you do? Would you give your co-worker the boot to save your own job? But what if they were older and had kids in college? Or would you bow out and look for something else? But what if you couldn't find a job? What do you think? Please take our poll and tell us what you think in the comment section below! [poll id="104"] Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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