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Last week, Franchise Expert, Dan Citrenbaum walked us through three ways we can secure financing to buy a franchise. With more than 90% of all franchises still being in business after 10 years, franchises are an excellent investment. If you've ever wished you could buy a franchise but didn't think you could get the money, this is the session for you!

This episode of "Franchise Advantages" has already occurred but the recording can be viewed above.
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Every time I start a project, I get this tiny moment of panic. It doesn't last long, but even now, after years in this business, I still notice that it happens.

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Everyone knows that you should walk around every once in a while, especially if you have a desk job. But, do we walk enough during the workday?

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Do you remember the Pepsi challenge? It was a legendary marketing promotion in which people participated in a blind taste test with Pepsi vs. Coke. More people preferred Pepsi but continued to buy Coke. When a brand choice is made, the strong, familiar, trusted brands will always have an edge. An effective brand promise builds trust with customers.

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