Haydee Braswell

Haydee Braswell

Recruiter Info

Name: Haydee Braswell Title: Corporate Recruiter Email: hbrat@allstate.comLinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/haydee-braswell-5b46564b

Company Info

Company: Allstate Location: Northbrook Website: www.allstate.com/careers.aspxLinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/allstate

For Job Candidates

Preferred Method To Be Contacted By A Candidate: Email Preferred Process For Following Up On Application: If interested in a job opportunity - please visit our Allstate Careers page and apply, if you want to follow-up the quickest way to receive a response is sending an email. Things That Impress You In A Candidate: 1. Follow-up 2. Ability to speak to their resume without reading the resume back to me Things Candidates Must Include To Be Considered For Job: 1. Accomplishments 2. Resume must show/state the requirements necessary for the position Things That Will Disqualify A Candidate From Getting Considered: 1. Typos on resume/cover letter/application 2. Doesn't have the requirements stated in the job posting Can Candidates Apply For Multiple Positions And Not Get Penalized?: Yes

Recruiter's Perspective

What's your favorite quote? "Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is younger than you." Dr. Seuss What do you like to do in your free time? Work-out, play with my kids, read In a sentence, why do you enjoy working at your company? I enjoy working at Allstate because of the variety of my position and the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of people. In a sentence, how does your company have fun on a regular basis? At Allstate we have the opportunity to have fun by team events/meetings; department events and group outings. In a sentence, how would you describe the employees at your company? Our employees live into the values of Good Life, Good Work & Good Hands