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It’s gets pretty depressing when you have sent off your thousandth CV through a job board and receive the incredibly overused reply, “We were swamped with millions of applications for the role of Rocket Engineer." However, help is at hand! It’s estimated that only 25% of vacant jobs are advertised on the Internet, in classified ads and through recruiters. The other 75% of available jobs exist in the ‘hidden job market.' To access the ‘hidden job market’ is very easy. You only need to make a list of key companies you would like to work for and approach them directly. On many occasions, when you apply to an employer directly, you are demonstrating the exact set of skills an employer is seeking. Mike Marr, Group General Manager of Advanced Security, believes people who approach his company direct demonstrate initiative. “They are prepared to make an effort to get a job and not just send CVs via the Internet," he said. "They have taken the opportunity to seek the potential employer out.” Going direct to the ‘hidden job market’ puts the candidate in the driving seat. You scan the employment market – rather than the job market – and directly approach firms you want to work for. This takes initiative and determination, but it is often worth the effort. While it seems hard work, when you enter the hidden job market, you may also discover that you are the only candidate who is considered for an opportunity. This leaves the field wide open for those who are prepared to put in a little more extra effort.

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Featured in the Economist and Harvard Business Review, Tom O’Neil is an international author, award winning motivational speaker and regular contributor in personal and career achievement. He is international author of both the ‘1% Principle’ and ‘Selling Yourself to Employers’, and is also an international contributor (2008 – 2014) to the world’s best-selling personal development guide ‘What Color is Your Parachute?’    
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