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They Hired Someone Else Instead of Making Me Full-Time!

Dear J.T. & Dale: My wife was hired as a caregiver at an assisted-living home almost a year ago and was told that it would be full-time after three months. She is still part-time. She has asked several times, when other employees resigned, if she could have a regular shift. The supervisor said yes, then hired someone else to fill the shift. My wife's performance review was very good. Is there any action she can take? - Len J.T.: Unfortunately, I don't see anything your wife can do to force a change. While the right thing for management to do would be to honor the original agreement, I would say that your wife is not being considered for full-time. DALE: There's something odd about that. Lots of employers like to start people out part-time, testing them before moving them to full-time or letting them go. Why would your wife get stuck in job limbo? Maybe she doesn't really want to go full-time. (It wouldn't be the first time a wife misled a husband about her real intentions.) Or maybe she has failed to completely fit in. I'd urge her to ask her manager for advice on how to be a great employee, and to ask her co-workers how she could do better. She could get everyone involved in her career success and learn a lot along the way. J.T.: That's possible, but I'd suggest that she also look for another job. She had a great performance review and is currently working, which puts her in a strong position for job searching. Then she can enjoy the best revenge - walking in with her two-weeks' notice and telling them of her great new full-time assignment. Feel free to send questions to J.T. and Dale via e-mail at advice@jtanddale.com or write to them in care of King Features Syndicate, 300 W. 57th Street, 15th Floor, New York, NY 10019. © 2012 by King Features Syndicate, Inc. Hired someone else image from Shutterstock