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How to Make $600K More in Your Life

In today’s economy, is it crazy to ask for more money when you get a new job offer? That depends. I honestly believe there are times when you should ask for more. I also think there are techniques you can use to get more. In fact, I wrote about it over at AOL Jobs. And then, I shot a video on it (below). In it, I explain:

  • How negotiating $5K more now could result in $600K more in your lifetime.
  • Why you need a valid business reason to attempt this type of salary negotiation.
  • How gratitude can help you get the increase.
  • What to do if the answer is “no.”
If you hate the idea of negotiating, you need to read the article and watch the video. It will make you put your fears aside so you can make more - you deserve it! More money image from Shutterstock