Drowning In Jargon: What Workers Really Think Of Business-Speak [Infographic]

When talking to a colleague who’s wedded to his job, a demanding client or someone who’s trying to sound more professional and knowledgeable than they actually are, there might be something you’ve picked up on. They seem to be using far more business jargon and meaningless buzzwords than is necessary, but is it actually helpful? As revealed in this infographic created by Powwownow, a significant number of workers in the UK revealed exactly what they thought of people who incorporated phrases like ‘touch base’ and ‘move the needle’ into meetings and one-on-one conversation with colleagues. It seems that most people value plain speaking over meaningless business-speak! The fact that just 21% of us are actually happy to work with someone who regularly litters their speech with empty and complicated jargon speaks volumes. Half of the people surveyed said that people only used business jargon to sound smarter, while nearly three quarters said that those using such words didn’t understand them! The survey run by Powwownow.co.uk also showed that 50% of people found the use of jargon was only used in an attempt to sound cleaver, and only 20% of people over the age of 55 actually though that using a jargon word actually helped with conveying a meaning and even though this increases to 30% between the ages of 18 and 34, the statistics are still shockingly low. Most people (61%) seem to think that the jargon is mainly used in meeting rooms, where bosses and clients might be present, adding credence to the fact that the jargon is only used to impress. A large percentage, (46%) think that the jargon isn’t necessary at all, furthermore, women think it is even less necessary compared to me. What you need to take away from this survey is that if you use business jargon excessively, 40% of your colleagues probably don’t want to collaborate with you in the office! What workers really think of business jargon is exhibited in the infographic below.

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