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How To Address Job Changes In Interviews

Dear J.T. & Dale: I am back on the job market. I've been in sales with many companies throughout the years. Many of my moves were to increase salary, but three times I lost my job due to an elimination of positions. How do you suggest handling the question of switching jobs every two to five years? It seems like when I get to the final interviews, I always get beaten by someone who had a summer job during college and knows more lingo than myself, or so I've been told. - Michael J.T.: You may want to consolidate your multiple sales positions into one listing on your resume. You could list a singular job title and then the companies. That way, you'd list the total years you did each role across all the companies. In short, it can help if you frame the experience collectively. DALE: Good advice, but what, Michael, is this nonsense about "lingo" and "someone who had a summer job during college"? I understand that a company might want to save some money by hiring a rookie, but how could such a person know more of the magic lingo than you do? If you've let yourself get out of touch, then that's the first thing you have to correct. Attend professional meetings and visit former colleagues till you get re-educated and "re-lingoed." Then, you have to put your sales experience to work. Make sure that you come prepared with specific examples of why your many types of sales experience will make you a star in the new job. © 2012 by King Features Syndicate, Inc.
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