#1 Way to Motivate Your Network to Find You a Job [FREE Webinar]

#1 Way to Motivate Your Network to Find You a Job [FREE Webinar]
Webinar Information
Date:November 3, 2011
Time:1:00 PM ET
Duration:1 hour
Host:J.T. O'Donnell
Guest:Debra Wheatman
Host Information
J.T. O'DonnellJeanine Tanner “J.T.” O’Donnell, founder of and, is a career strategist and workplace consultant who helps American workers of all ages find greater professional satisfaction.
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Guest Information
Debra WheatmamWith 20+ years as a strategic career advisor, Debra helps clients obtain highly desired interviews for competitive positions, including preparing results-oriented resumes, and providing guidance centered around interview preparation, salary negotiations, and overall career management.
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This event has already occurred. Please use the red link below to watch the recording of this webinar. We all know networking is the best way to get a job. But, what do you do when you feel like your network doesn't want to help you? Join CAREEREALISM-Approved Career Expert, Debra Wheatman and CAREEREALISM Founder, J.T. O'Donnell for a FREE webinar where you'll learn the secret to getting your friends, family and colleagues to proactively find you job opportunities. It's fun and rewarding! Register for FREE today – you’ll feel better about your job search efforts. This event has already happened. You must have at least a Freemium Membership to to watch the recording of this presentation.Click here » to set up your FREE account now and watch this webinar!This event is powered by from Rido/Shutterstock