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Job Postings: How To Get An Employer's Attention

Dear J.T. & Dale: I responded to a posting for a position and was contacted by the supervisor. After two weeks, I called to get an update. She tried to tell me that she really needed to give the job to someone who is already in the system. I told her my qualifications, and she made a note of them and said she would call me. I have a friend in a leadership position in the same institution; should I have my friend e-mail the supervisor about me? (They do not know each other.) - Teresa DALE: Whenever you apply for job postings, assume that there are lots of other applicants and thus, getting an offer is a long shot. This leads to the mind-set of "What have I got to lose?" So, yes, ask your friend to send an e-mail. Better yet, ask your friend to go over and introduce herself to the hiring manager and hand her a copy of your resume. Will this be seen as interfering in the hiring process? Yes! ...In a good way. Hiring managers want to hire the person with the best odds of success, and having a friend vouch for you helps the hiring manager make a better decision. J.T.: I agree: It never hurts to ask other people to put in a good word on your behalf. Further, see if your contact can determine what was meant by "in the system." The more information you can gather about how the company makes hiring decisions, the better you can market yourself for this job and for future openings. © 2012 by King Features Syndicate, Inc.
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