5 Reasons Why Nobody Should Job Search Alone

5 Reasons Why Nobody Should Job Search Alone

When we started this free career advice blog a couple years ago, our goal was to create the most effective job search and career development self-help guide available online. Today, we have over 250,000 readers who gain valuable insight from 72 (and counting) proven, approved career experts and partners on a daily basis. However, we didn't stop there... While this site does a good job of sharing important information, there is no guarantee readers are going to be able to apply the advice effectively to their own situation. In short, while some will get the help they need from simply signing up to read our blog daily, many others will find it beneficial to seek additional support because of these five reasons:

  1. They need help completing the proper self-assessment vital to good career design and job search.
  2. They could use guidance customizing the advice and applying it to their unique situation.
  3. They feel overwhelmed and stuck and would love some one-on-one coaching from someone who truly understands their situation.
  4. They've come to realize they are missing key career tools (i.e. LinkedIn profile, resume, cover letter) and need to create them or have them reviewed - fast.
  5. They could use a personal motivator to keep them focused and productive.
That's why we also offer something BETTER. This site was always meant to be a gateway to something more valuable. We started it as a way to bring awareness to Americans that, just like having a doctor and being part of a HMO, in today's fast-paced, ever-changing workplace, you need a CareerHMO to keep your career healthy. As we say at CareerHMO, "Nobody should job search alone!" This is for REAL... The program offers instant advice from top career experts and is affordable and effective. People ask us how it is even possible we can provide instant advice from top career experts for less than 0.63 cents per day. The reality is technology has enabled us to create a virtual career center that offers inspiration, education and connection that cannot be found anywhere else. In fact, we've even been told by people who have paid more than $3,000 for career support resources our program is 100x better than what they paid for. And, since we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, it's been a no-brainer for those who need career support to give it a try. Don't let the low price fool you - this program is a game-changer for job seekers! We made this program inexpensive to ensure that anyone who needed true career coaching could get it. The experts are inside that network EVERY DAY, answering questions and giving advice that is helping our members get their job search in high-gear. We are shortening the job search by as much as 50% for some members. We are showing members how to work smarter, not harder - something every stressed-out job seeker appreciates. Remember: If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten. After reading this, you might say, "Ah, it sounds interesting, but I'll just keep figuring out this job search stuff myself." That's okay, but would you do surgery on yourself, or pull your own tooth out? Many people won't choose to join this incredible program - and that's okay. We don't want everyone to join. We want to focus on the people who understand and appreciate what it's like to have a team of experts take care of them. We only want members who want to succeed and want to be shown how to get there. We only want folks who realize by signing up for help, they are going to get some new, better results than what they've been getting on their own. Is that you?Invest in yourself - we can't make you glad you did unless you join! You've got nothing to lose and it takes less than a minute to sign up. We can't help you if you don't give it a try. See for yourself why member are saying it's the best thing that ever happened to their job search. LEARN MORE NOW ► Image Credit: Shutterstock
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