50 Companies To Be Featured On 'The Job Shop'

50 Companies To Be Featured On 'The Job Shop'

Hampton, N.H. (January 27th, 2016) – CAREEREALISM, a site for job seekers, announced that it will feature more than 50 companies on its new show, The Job Shop.The web series is designed to help job seekers find their “professional tribe” by letting them go shopping for employers.“Today’s job seeker is a consumer of a company’s employment brand,” Founder and CEO of CAREEREALISM, J.T. O’Donnell explains. “They want to research and study the employer before they apply so they can make sure they aren’t wasting their time.” [video_player type="embed" width="460" height="259" align="right" margin_top="0" margin_bottom="20"][/video_player] O’Donnell says the idea for the show came directly from feedback from the sites 1,000,000+ monthly visitors, 89% of which are active job seekers. “Our followers see themselves not as employees, but as businesses-of-one. They want to partner with employers, not work for them. As a result, they’re very focused on being able to choose employers who meet their needs.”Company Vibe Plays A Major RoleBesides location and size, one of the compelling pieces of information The Job Shop shares with viewers is the “company vibe” of the featured employer. “Every company has a style to their professional tribe that speaks to job seekers,” says CAREEREALISM’s Brand Manager and co-host of the show, Jen McCann. “Our research has enabled us to determine four main types of company vibes that exist, which makes it easier for job seekers to identify whether they’d feel comfortable working at the company.” (For more information on how to choose your company’s vibe, you can take this free quiz.)5 Key Metrics Define Every Employer’s BrandAlso included in each show are the results of interviews conducted with recruiters from the company. Specifically, the CAREEREALISM team digs in so they can reveal the five most common attributes job seekers want to evaluate when choosing an employer. “Based on our research, we’ve learned if a company can showcase a core set of traits, the job seeker can not only make an informed decision about whether to apply, but they can also do a better job of giving the recruiters and hiring managers the information they need to properly showcase their talents,” says O’Donnell. The five things revealed about every employer are:Leadership StyleValues & Beliefs Employee Attributes WOW Factor Fun FactorO’Donnell further explains, “By focusing in on these items consistently across every episode of The Job Shop, we will be educating job seekers on their preferences and how to properly assess the employment potential at every company they encounter.”What It Takes To Get FeaturedCAREEREALISM is currently accepting applications from companies of all shapes and sizes. “We want to show a diverse set of employers,” stresses McCann. To apply, you must complete this form with as much detail as you can.

[Check out this episode of The Job Shop to see how it showcases an employer's brand.]

[video_player type="embed" width="560" height="315" align="center" margin_top="0" margin_bottom="20"][/video_player] “We are looking for business partners. Since we aren’t charging companies to be featured on The Job Shop, we are looking for companies who are serious about sharing and promoting their employment brand to job seekers,” says O’Donnell. Companies that are willing to be transparent and authentic will be selected.O’Donnell says within twenty-four hours of announcing the show, the company has already received more than two-dozen applications, including several from Fortune 1000 companies. “We’ll definitely take a look at the bigger companies, but this show is going to include lots of unknown companies too,” says McCann.That is what this show is really about.“Everyone knows about Google and Apple, but it doesn’t mean they are the right professional tribe for every person,” says O’Donnell. “It’s time to show job seekers that there are plenty of other fantastic companies to work for.”######For more information or inquiries about CAREEREALISM, contact us here.
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